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A New Beginning

posted Sep 4, 2013, 6:59 AM by Patricia Armstrong   [ updated Oct 27, 2013, 2:20 PM ]


There's an old expression:
"Turning over a new leaf," which implies a new start; a new beginning; behaving in a better way, doing things differently. All those phrases could apply to this blogger.

Back in 2011, full of enthusiasm, I launched my first website and named it Geneamania. After about twelve years of family research, I was ready - I thought - to launch a self-published book describing the long process I had developed - a tool for newbie researchers.

Although I wasn't new to writing or research - I'd been doing that for years - I was new to Internet technology and even with the generous help and advice of an experienced family member, I became discouraged. There were also technical difficulties with the upcoming e-book, which did not appear in the cyber-marketplace that year, as expected. Or the next; or the next!

This is where the "new leaf" comes in. After all, I did choose a clip art "family tree" for the book cover, with a perky face peering out at the welcoming world! And trees have leaves. That enthusiastic figure represents me and all the other genealogical types who are trying to find and identify their ancestors and their probable place of origin.

So Geneamania has its new leaf - and a new blog forum for - I hope - discussion, opinions, suggestions, and even contact from others in my own family line: the Snider/Snyder/Schneÿder/Schneider brood, wherever they are. No matter which family name we bear, the basic "search and discover" principles remain, and may be just the answer for other seekers. 

Happy hunting, all! And yes - my book will eventually appear - and will still be called:

Geneamania*  Would the right Christian Schneÿder please stand up?  (c)