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Other Uses for a Street Guide

When we visited Pennsylvania, we purhased a Rand McNally Bucks & Montgomery Counties Street Guide for 2005. The maps served us very well during our trips through rural Pennsylvania, and I expect similar guides are available for other locales. An Internet search indicates that although our particular street guide is now outdated, current versions and older editions are sometimes offered for sale on or 

As explained earlier, we put the street guide to another practical use after we visited the Schwenkfelder Library & Heritage Center in 2008. I explained how Manny Bruck, using the Schwenkfelder land chart, drew in the boundaries of Christian's patent as shown there. I had brought a copy of the patent document which described its dimensions and markers, including fence posts, stones, a white oak tree and a stretch "along the Great Road leading from Macungie to Philadelphia North thirty two degrees East .... "

Another invaluable item in today's genealogical toolbox is Google Earth, which can zoom in on a live location via satellite, according to the viewer's choice. We know that Old Goshenhoppen Reformed Church is in Upper Salford Twp. near Woxall. We also know that our Christian Schneider's name is inscribed as one of the founders on a plaque displayed on an exterior wall of that church. Map 7425 of the Bucks & Montgomery Counties Street Guide shows Red Hill in Upper Hanover Twp., where some of Jacob and Maria Magdalena Schneider's children, nieces and nephews, were christened. It also shows the location of Christian Schneider's 1749 Patent, and it gives a clear picture of where many of the family's friends and neighbors lived.

 In the 2008 photo above, I was standing at the intersection of Main St. and Upper Ridge Rd. - apparently part of Christian's original Patent.

On my last visit to Pennsylvania, I found a wonderful little book about this portion of Montgomery County. Part of a Postcard History Series,  Along the Perkiomen is a collection of postcard reproductions portraying for the most part, scenes from the first half of the 20th century. They were selected by a patient and dedicated historian and collector of postcards. A member of the Historical Society of Montgomery County, author Jerry A. Chiccarine poured his enthusiasm and affection for his birthplace into this amazing collection of historical photographs in postcard form.

More than that, the book brings to life the heritage and traditions of a multitude of Pennsylvanians - including those whose ancestors lived "along the Perkiomen" countless years ago. 

Chapter Six, titled Salford, Perkiomenville, Green Lane, and Sumneytown, has a hand-drawn sketch of that area, including Woxall and Salford Station. On page 89, I see a photograph of Old Goshenhoppen Church, and I know  because I was there - that my 5th great-grandfather's name appears on a plaque on the wall of that church.

Old Goshenhoppen Visit 146