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(c) N. Patricia (Snider) Armstrong, 2011

What’s Geneamania?

When I say I’m a Geneamaniac, I’m admitting that Family History Research has become a positive, but consuming force in my life. And I’m not alone. Genealogy is big business today, and wherever you go on the Internet, you’ll find websites claiming to have all the tools you need and more, to help you explore your family history and locate your ancestors.

Some sites are very useful, particularly those known as “subscriber lists” where you can post the names of ancestors you are trying to find. In fact, many individuals have contacted me offering data because they saw my subscriber list postings. Information from two generous researchers was particularly beneficial. In both cases, they made crucial facts available which I might never have found otherwise. In addition to free searchable surname lists, there are other sites you can join for a user’s fee, entitling you to much helpful data.

Of course, like most people, I’m looking for ancestors from several family lines, so my genealogical research forays could take me to England, Ireland, Scotland and France, as well as Switzerland, the United States and Germany. Many of you may also be investigating ancestors whose original homes were in these and other parts of the world.

Yet, no matter where our ancestors may have lived, most of the basic steps we’ll follow are the same. As you travel with me through my own investigative journey, I hope the information I share will benefit your research . . . And now for the adventure. I have been searching since 2001 for my 5th great-grandfather, Christian Schneÿder, and I believe I’ve finally found him. But it’s been a long trip. Let me tell you about it.


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