Questions I've asked myself!

Who is my intended audience?

Answer: All those engaged in family history research and beginners: people interested in learning about their own family history through the research of others.

How will this book benefit the reader?

Answer: The book is a step-by-step, “how-to” for beginning genealogy researchers who want to know where to search for their family information and how to go about it. Some topics will be of particular interest to those from a Pennsylvania German background – a large segment of the population, particularly in Canada and the US. A quick look at surnames in a telephone book or city directory will show just how many of them have German roots.

 What are some of the book's special features?


  • How to find and identify your ancestors. 
  • Useful tools for that search. 
  • Excerpts from historical documents discovered in various archives. 
  • Photographs of Pennsylvania scenes and locales - a special feature for those unable to visit there. 
  • Names of research facilities and some professional researchers, plus a bibliography of sources. 

Why is this book unique?

Answer: In addition to its useful resources, the “step-by-step” process engages the reader as the tale of discovery unfolds. “Schneider” is one of the more common European surnames, and the name of Christian Schneÿder, with its various spellings, appears in many thousands of family charts. There are other similarly popular surnames. Readers will learn how to weed out the others and find their true ancestors.

 As we said before, the title Geneamania refers to the enthusiasm and dedication of family researchers, and their willingness to invest many hours in the quest for their beloved ancestors.

Why did I write the book?

 To share the adventure and the thrill of discovery!