The websites below have been online for several years. The first was installed in response to a small Snider family reunion held in Toronto, ON in 2000.
 Both websites feature the Martin Snider database. They also contain updates to this particular Snider family, and additional research material such as 
Christian Schneÿder's Story, with more detail about our ancestors' lives gleaned from various sources. 

Section 14: Acknowledgements, names many of those who have contributed to the Story: professional genealogists and other family researchers who have given generously of their time and expertise.

The Tribal Pages website includes family photographs and is accessible with a password to descendants of Martin Snider Senior, born c. 1753 in Philadelphia, PA, and Sarah Armstrong, born in 1769 on the border between New Brunswick, Canada, and Maine, USA. For contact information, visit the website: 


More Links

Several of our Snider family members have registered for Y-DNA testing in the hope of identifying more family members. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of using DNA for genealogy, learn more by visiting Family Tree DNA - Genetic Genealogy. 

To study the Family Tree DNA - SCHNEIDER Y-Chromosome DNA Surname Project on line, go to: